Friends: Betrayals at its Best


Second thing to Note: Accept that sometimes you are going to hurt people, and they are going to hurt you. The determination factor lies on how you react to  them after. Keep them in your Life or Let them go. No one is perfect.

It is absolutely easier said then done, and I am still learning how to. The girls in the photo are all my friends in Florida, I have made in the almost 10 years I have been here and we still are through thick and thin. I would be the one in the bottom right corner.

Betrayal could be anything that one may consider hurtful, disloyal, or misleading. We have all been betrayed and hurt one another one way or the other, but with time and growth you learn to pick and choose those who deserve to be around you. Have you ever been betrayed by a friend or someone you love? If you say no, you are lying. I could sit here, and illustrate in words every betrayal I encountered growing up; however, I’d rather discuss how you can possibly handle the situation when you are faced with one. This took a lot of practice and a communication class for me to figure this out.

Girls and Guys out there this is easier said then done, but you too can learn it. (I’m still working on it)

  1. In the heat of the moment walk away so no one gets hurt. Say ” I need a moment to think about this, I wouldn’t want either of us to say something that may hurt”
  2. Think before speaking, then talk it out.
  3. Refrain from pointing fingers or saying comments like “you’re to blame”.
  4. Admit that your feelings were hurt. Discuss your boundaries. We all have them!
  5. If you are in the wrong after evaluating the situation be able to admit it. (THE HARDEST PART)
  6. If the betrayal is beyond forgiveness be an adult, and decide whether or not it is worth maintaining a relationship.
  7. Finally, Learn to LET IT GO. If you forgive, forgive all the way don’t throw it in the persons face every moment you get. ( I was guilty of this)

I’m still learning this whole new field of blogging, and testing out the waters of topics before I choose one and stick with it.  Feel free to give me some tips and pointers.



Let me Begin


I came across this picture on the internet, and this couldn’t be any more true it was the very first thing i’ve learned is “Life goes on”. Throughout my entire life on this Earth people have come and go. The heartaches, betrayals, happiness, togetherness, death, new life, and each of which are life learning lessons. I was told by my parent’s to find a hobby that will help me through the difficult time i’m facing, and all I could conjure up is writing, and drawing, so here I am. Some people may not appreciate what I am doing, but it’s about time I stop caring and living my life according to how I want it to be lived.

First things first: Accept that every human being in this world has a past and that past should not be used to define who they are inevitably.